sa0mnyic said: I'm dying my hair this summer before I go back to school. My hair is usually straight and it's just below my collar bone. Do you have any recommendations for what I could dye it? ^v^

It really depends on how comfortable you feel with a certain color. Like if you prefer to play it safe then you can go for a wine, light brown or maybe even lighter and if you love colors then you can try green, blue, plum etc. If you want colors but maybe you’re afraid of doing your whole head then try just dying the ends or do an ombre look with that color. :)

loseropolis said: In your just recent photo with the girl picking her gorgeous blue hair out, do you know who it is? Because that's exactly how I want to dye my hair.

I don’t know who the girl is but I just reblogged a pic of the same girl and I found it under the tumblr name wsttco, I’m not sure if it’s her tumblr though :L

luluthegemini said: Hey im of lighter tone lik a carmel color and i love hair die my hair is blond right and i was thinking going aqua would be cool so yay or nah 😊??

Yaah, I’d love to see how it comes out :D. Of course if you’re comfortable doing it in that color go right ahead. 

acid-burnss said: hey c: can people submit pictures for you to upload of themselves? because ive just dyed my hair blue because you blog inspired me and id love for you to seec: <3

Oh yes XD I’d love to post a picture of it. And I’m glad it inspired you to do it ^^. you can submit a picture using this link below if you’d like or click on submit on the blog. :)